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Relying on the open platform of various types of enterprise applications are not independent of the system, these applications are connected to each other, through the different levels of interaction, and these applications are likely to connect with other enterprises related applications, thus forming a complex structure Of a distributed enterprise application cluster spanning the intranet and the Internet.

The trend of enterprise application is platform, integration, and humanization.

  • Platformed


    With the growth and development of enterprises and enterprises to increase the demand for convenient office, enterprise application requirements are also increasing, a single enterprise applications can not meet the needs of enterprises, and scattered distribution of enterprise applications is not conducive to efficient business office, so platform Of enterprise application operations is imperative.

  • Integrated


    In the Internet age, a high degree of information integration allows enterprises to keep abreast of the ever-changing market, to grasp the market trends, which in the market in a favorable position. Competition between enterprises in the future will evolve from a single competition into a competition between supply chains. Internal information integration will shift to internal and external information integration. The integration of enterprise applications can effectively promote the development of this trend.

  • Humanize


    Enterprise application design must have a good user experience, visualization concept will help improve the application interface friendly,
    through the user-friendly design and interface, to the user most in need of information, enhance the user experience of human experience , Which is the key to the success of enterprise applications.