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SCMP for manufacturing industry

Manufacturing costs, pricing, pricing and bidding selection of integrated software

SOLUTIONSEfficient, accurate, professional

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Function Description
  • Project Management

    Organization project structure(OBS), EPS, WBS, Project Plan and resources etc.

  • Cost Accounting

    Budget, Cost management and control.

  • Expense applied

    Provide travell, payroll and misc fee processing

  • Project tracking

    Enables you to manipulate live project data include schedule, cost and resource.

  • Todo List

    Provide task or activity status change control operation and alert by role.

  • Workflow Integration

    Provide multi-level approval flow by OBS or role.

  • Query and Reporting

    On-demand customization, access from anywhere.

  • Wechat Integration

    For mobility access need, some functions are processed based on wechat sample as approval, report view etc.

  • Cloud-based Collaboration

    Anyone anytime access from Anywhere

Applicable industries
  • Surveying and Mapping

  • Land Planning

  • Land Rearrangement

  • Registration Agent

  • Evaluation

  • Others


SaaS based

No upfront, initial, hardware, network cost

self hosted

No monthly fees, no renewal of account. Just one time price for a single domain