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SCMP for manufacturing industry

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Function Description

    Our flexible software architecture offers unlimited customization options for your products such as different components, sizes, colours, textures and much more.


    JUSTDO is easily adapted to your corporate design. Our goal: A configurator that fits perfectly to your branding.


    Retrieve the information you need. Keep track of your orders, production processes and sales. All data is neatly integrated in the administrator backend.


    Integrate JUSTDO in any environment: Publish your configurator on your website or Facebook page. Connect it with your webshop, ERP or sales solution.


    Enjoy a secure, stable infrastructure without the need for a third-party provider or an internal IT department. JUSTDO is dedicated to keeping your site’s data safe.


    With JUSTDO you get complete control over your products. In the backend, all appropriate items can easily be modified and maintained.

Applicable Industries
  • Accessories

  • Apparel

  • Automobile & Vehicles

  • Beauty & Health

  • Eletronics & Media

  • Food

  • Footware

  • House &. Garden

  • Industry

  • Service

Configurators for your Business

B2C webshop

Create a unique shopping experience and give your customers the power to personalize their own products.

Configuration of products and services

JUSTDO is a ready-to-use configurator for all business and product groups. Customization means much more than just selecting color and size. How about an individual packaging design, fashion creation, coffee blend or a distinctive front door? With JUSTDO your customers can configure, personalize and experience countless variations online. With dynamic pricing in real time.

B2B sales configurator

Use Combeenation as a sales configurator and provide increased efficiency to your sales staff in client and reseller meetings.

Guided Selling for sales support and consulting

Combeenation is a perfect support to master variety in a simple and intelligent way. Configure variants of your products with clearly structured offers and even special rates for key customers in real time and get convincing arguments for closing a deal. The ease of use and real-time visualization based on photographs or renderings combined with dynamic pricing and technical precision makes Combeentation an ideal sales configurator.


SaaS based

No upfront, initial, hardware, network cost

self hosted

No monthly fees, no renewal of account. Just one time price for a single domain