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SCMP for manufacturing industry

Manufacturing costs, pricing, pricing and bidding selection of integrated software

SOLUTIONSEfficient, accurate, professional

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Function Description
  • High safety, high load

    After the authority of testing and certification, and proven, you can easily deal with large flow of data, such as Bainaohui daily flow of 500 million PV, still running fly.

  • Big Data Statistics Center

    The system has developed a lot of statistical and reporting functions, such as data sources, traffic sources, source trends, storm analysis, daily commodity concerns data, volume, turnover, etc., but also integrated third-party statistical software, such as Baidu statistics , CNZZ and so on.

  • ulti-supplier settled, the supplier settled in the qualification audit and margin system

    In the same time, to support the supplier settled, the supplier's business qualification audit, such as business five certificates, brand licensing, business type, to help the platform to better filter quality suppliers.

  • Business custom specification attributes, independent SKU makes inventory, orders, billing clear

    Mall platform can be on their own types of goods classification specifications of the property attributes, businesses can also be published on the basis of this product can be modified to add specifications, modify the name, upload pictures, commodity release flexible and efficient.

  • Statistics, statements make operations more clear and accurate

    The system from the latitude of the data for a full range of statistics, do a detailed report function, can greatly improve the operational capacity of the site, from all angles analysis of the problems encountered in the operation process, put forward more targeted marketing program.

  • Flexible template mechanism

    Support multi-template function, you can easily switch the system for different styles of templates, so that your site style Variety, but the data without any impact, easy to change holidays, website revision has become so easy.

  • Integral function

    Members can log on, registration, check-in, online consumption and other channels to obtain points, access points can be paid in the process of arrival.

  • Platform membership level

    The platform can be set membership level and experience rules, different members according to the different experience obtained by upgrading to a different membership level, different levels of members can set different discounts, for the redemption of products can choose different members of the redemption Authority.

  • Business Cloud Photo Gallery

    Business shops set up a cloud picture library, businesses send pictures of products will automatically be stored in the mall cloud picture library, businesses can also upload some of their own product pictures in the cloud picture library, so business anytime, anywhere through the cloud library management products, without restrictions On the local computer side.

Applicable industry
  • Municipal highway

  • Bridge tunnel

  • Real estate projects

  • Territorial mapping

  • Land census

  • Construction works